Sunday, October 18, 2009


Learning any languages is now much more easier than ever. There are lots of e-learning tools have been created and even now on progress of modification and upgrading to meet your learning needs and purposes. I am personally very interested with the learning methodologies and tools presented by Rosetta Stone language-learning software. They seem easy to use and faster. They're more interactive, fun and innovative.

Rosetta Stone offers varoius tools for learning languages. There are more than 31 languages that you can select base on your need.
I have tried the demos and don't miss your chance to try it out at

I am sure will find what you're searching!

Rosetta Stone; Learn Naturally Approaches:

A completely immersive environment.

As a child, you learned to speak instinctively by experiencing the world around you. Our solution recreates this experience through a fully immersive environment right on your computer.

No translation or memorization.

We’ve eliminated the traditional approach of using translation and grammar rules, empowering you to think in your new language. There are no flash cards, dictionaries or memorization drills.

A carefully designed sequence of activities.

By surrounding you with words, images and the voices of native speakers, our method lets you progress naturally from words and phrases to sentences and conversations.

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