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A - Z English Lessons

Asking for information in English. Here are some of the most common:
• Could you tell me...?
• Do you know...?
• Do you happen to know...?
• I'd like to know...
• Could you find out...?
• I'm interested in...
• I'm looking for..
1: Asking for and giving personal information
2: Name  What’s your name?   My name is… It’s…
3: Nickname   What’s your nickname? How do your friends call you?   My nickname is… They call me…
4: Age  How old are you?  I am sixteen.
5: Place of residence  Where do you live?  I live in…
6: Birthday  When were you born?  I was born on the 5th September.
7: Favourite school subjects  What are your favourite subjects?  My favourite subjects are…English, Portuguese, Maths, Physical Education…
8: Weakest subjects  What are your weakest subjects?  My weakest subjects are…History, Geography…
9: Favourite Sports  What are your favourite sports?  My favourite sports are football, basketball, volleyball…
10: Favourite music   What are your favourite bands/ singers? What kind of music do you like listening to?   My favourite bands/ singers are… I like listening to… hip-hop, rap, rock, heavy…
11: Interests/ Hobbies   What are your favourite interests/ hobbies? What do you like doing in your free time?    My favourite interests/ hobbies are… I like… I don’t like…
12: Exercise  Working in pairs, find out your classmate’s personal information. Then write a small presentation about him/ her. Present it to the class.  
13: Follow the example:   His name is João, but his friends call him Jonas. He’s fifteen years old and he lives in Penafiel. He was born on the 3rd May. His favourite suject is History and his weakest subject is Maths. He loves football and in his free time he likes listening to hiphop music and playing computer games.

Kinds of expressions

1.I shouted at him who was my subordinate many times.
2.Because,sometimes he didn't obey my indications(orders)
(Which words are better "order" or "indication" in this situation?)
3.He didn't understand why we make advertisements.
4.I think how do we show our advertisements for customers and how do we make customers buy our products are the most important purpose to make the advertisements
5.But regrettably,most designers don't understand that at all.
6.They persist their pictures and graphics too much.So they completely lost the original reason to make those.
7.Desingers who can draw beautiful pictures on computers tend to strongly have such a personality.
8.So I had to shout at them once to make them understand my opinion and way of thinking about advertisements.
9.I'm telling from just my experiences but I think they can't understand that unless I shout them.

1.Why did you express yourself "kind person" toward my question?
2.Please explain it to me,I would like to listen to your defenite answer.
3.I always take care of what other people think.
4.I have to have more guts.

1.There is a bar at the ground floor of this building.
2.I'm staying on the top floor of this accommodations.
3.I'm staying at the most reasonable(cheapest?) room at this accommodations.
4.I wanna go the bar at which there is ground of this building.
5.I like this accommmodations' atmosphere.
6.I become a friend with one Chinese man,I often go drink with him.

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