Saturday, March 13, 2010

What is Recount Text

Recount text is a recount is a text which list and describe past experiences by retelling events in the order in which they happened (chronological order). The purpose of the Recounts text is to retell events with the purpose of either informing or entertaining their audience (or both).

The basic recount consists of three parts:
- the setting or orientation - background information answering who? when? where? why?
- events are identified and described in chronological order.
- reorientation which is concluding comments express a personal opinion regarding the events described

The language features of the recount text are:
- the language is written in simple past tense
- frequent use is made of words which link events in time, such as next, later, when, then, after, before, first,

Recount text can be occur in the form of personal recount (such as biography), factual recount, or imaginative recount. The major difference between recount and narrative text is the generic structure. If a passage doesn't have a conflict and it retells past events, that is called as a recount text.
My Day at the Beach

Last week my friend and I were bored after three weeks of holidays, so we rode our bikes to Smith Beach, which is only five kilometres from where I live. When we arrived at the beach, we were surprised to see there was hardly anyone there.
After having a quick dip in the ocean, which was really cold, we realized one reason there were not many people there. It was also quite windy. After we bought some hot chips at the takeaway store nearby, we rode our bikes down the beach for a while, on the hard, damp part of the sand. We had the wind behind us and, before we knew it, we were many miles down the beach.
Before we made the long trip back, we decided to paddle our feet in the water for a while, and then sit down for a rest. While we were sitting on the beach, just chatting, it suddenly dawned on us that all the way back, we would be riding into the strong wind.
When we finally made it back home, we were both totally exhausted! But we learned some good lessons that day.

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