Sunday, June 7, 2009


E-Learning or electronic leaning is an electronic learning system developed to help accelerate education systems in advanced countries and developing countries as well. E-learning refers to any different use of tools and technology in delivering the process of teaching and learning systems.

There are a lot of tools and equipment and learning aids such as web-based training system, audio, teleconferencing, videotapes, social networking tools/ media, satellite transmissions, online courses and many more.

Due to the rapid advance digital transformation technology, today e-Learning almost takes over the existing manual learning systems. The increase of e-learning tools really positively impacts the way of learning and meaningful for educators and education sectors. This system can eliminate numbers of inefficiency duties and tasks, reduce personnel shortage issues, space, and increase quality in some circumstances but, create inequity in some parts, especially in developing countries where economy and financial problems still enchained the whole part of lives, many people unable to involve.

These kind of issues really contrast to the efforts of promoting quality and equity in education for all people as suggested by UNESCO in it’s four pillars of learning; learning to know, learning to do, learning to be, and learning to live together as a whole community.

Developing countries include Indonesia; E-Learning is still on process of developing and promoting but, in line with the availability of technology and sufficient facilities and equipment such as computer as the main media for computer base learning, e-learning is now on progress of implementations.

Basically e-learning supported by Audio Technologies (Audio tape, radio, audio conferencing etc…)

Video technologies ( video text, video messaging, visual aids and etc..), Online learning or web-based learning; online discussions, bulletin, email and etc…).

Nowadays, there are a lot of choices for learning. Distance learning system for instance, it offers up to date information, systems, technologies and methodologies. Starting from virtual classroom which is using technology as the media such as; internet, mobile phones, video streaming, Forum discussion, email, and instant messaging.

Seeing that e-Learning is more effective and efficient in terms of time, space and cost, I believe that there will be a great changes in learning systems at all level and sectors not in a long distance.

E-learning as a leading digital learning revolution takes us into the fastest world where everything is fast. It has huge impacts in whole way of thoughts and brings more quality to life.

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